Boldan® is the leading expert in Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) industry, established in 2010.
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By registering, You can see the stock status of the products, and You can place an order directly from our Webshop. Our broadest product selection on the market includes, e.g.:

  • Felt and fiberglass liners for ambient, steam, UV, and hot water cure applications
  • 100% solids CIPP epoxies are specially formulated for high heat, chemical resistance, and applications requiring a fast cure time
  • Original Boldan Connection Liners that are form-fitting and 100 % watertight solution for lateral and horizontal pipe connections
  • Ultra-flexible, light duty Calibration hoses for use in the open-end liner (blind-shot) and pull-in-place applications
  • Heavy-duty cal tubes for higher temperature resistance on heat-cured installations
  • High-tech Millers for fast and efficient drain cleaning
  • Lateral Cutters for fast reinstatements of the cured-in-place pipe
  • High-quality chains for drain cleaning and descaling work, whether the pipe is cast iron, PVC, or clay
Boldan 3D Configurator helps you to design/request a quote for custom-made Connection Liners and Silicone bladders.